The dreams dissolved by manipulative teaching
No more thinking for yourself because of deformed answers
Working down a line of corporate greed ending your time of the real need
Pain caused by not seeing the true feelings inside

Shameless world of inhuman humanity
Shameless the ways we agree with the slavery of ourselves
Shameless the tunes we sing on the beat of war
Shameless is the sin of this time

Now I write once again from the heart to the world to show
See yourself and reach out to the needed
Hatred is war fed by the corruption of the mind

Namasté 🙏

Mr. Mind


Silence speaks loud

In between the time to be and the time to rest
Somewhere deep inside there lives the test
Opening up more than you expect it to affect
Known to go over the borders and suffer the pain
I will always recover and remain the same
With all due respect, I will never give way or accept
Learning it day by day and step by step
I am becoming the silence that needs to be next

In the time of standing here and going there
There is this path of knowledge and effect
I need more rest to be able to reset
Am I so loud while I am in silence in the now
Learning as a curve of reason and sanity
I can’t be going on as I did, I have to admit
It will destroy all If build to resist

My silence speaks loudly and proud
I know where I came from and where I am about
No reason to be stressed just to be blessed in the here and now
Silence speaks loud
There is no doubt

Namasté 🙏


Why I am alive

Photo by lalesh aldarwish on Pexels.com

In a world so full of itself, I run in circles to find the exit
But where is the kindness gone? I am lost within
Some say it is the way we should go to be free
But it doesn’t count for all, or is this just me
Inside I feel the burning of my energy deeply
The reasons I cry for those who suffer and are lost

In a world so depressed and angry, I detest
Nothing could ever make me change my feeling or sight
They say it is how it is, and we shouldn’t be free
Forgive me as I refuse to stop being me
I live to be and to help to understand this madland
The more reason I got to be kind and lend a hand

Why do we hide in the world of shadows every day
Can we please shed some light on the forever night inside
Let me show you the world that is waiting for all
Nature calls while Humanity grows never to fall
The call of empathy is in the air tonight
That is why I am alive

Namasté 🙏


Silence is a way to recover.

The deeper we go into pain, the more we suffer
My brain gives the signs I need to take care of me
My gift is a blessing once understood
The poison that creeps into the cracks of our struggles
Stand up and be silent for a while
Feel and understand for once that you gave your all

Silence is the way to recover from your suffering
Inside the thoughts will silence and die off
The pain eases down to give room for breathing and love
I am only human that tries the best
My words can go unheard, but it won’t break down
Here I sit in silence and write while i breathe and feel my heart

Love is all I can be and have been from the start
We learn while we grow and rise above the unknown
In this life, I will be loving to me and my own



Inside the fields of me

Inside I am me the outside
Opening the world for the new love
Hands open to reach out to guide
Mind dreamed of this time to come
Here we stand at the beginning of the new
Safe and well but full of doubt and fear
How did we become so confused about who we are

Wishing for answers that already exist inside
Find it with your eyes closed
We are born gifted with all we need
Understanding is just a word in the language spoken
Mindful in a state of being outside me
Find it the set yourself free to grow

In this all, we dive through glass walls
Pain as the engine to keep us here
Inside the fields of me, I see
Bigger and stronger than I could ever be
We no longer exist inside a dream
We are the new beings of free




Inside your fear there is danger.

I would give some thoughts about the world these days and how we go through our days. With the COVID 19 virus going around the globe and the fear that is produced by media creates a dangerous path for the whole of humanity. Fear is a low energy that breaks down your immune system, which makes you more susceptible to this virus or any other illness. Why is this fear so much more damaging than the fears we usually feel? In my opinion, it is because we get overstimulated by the adverts, conversations and scare reports of newspapers and tv. Gathering information is fine as long as you shut down from the continuous stream of depressive news information, death numbers, infection numbers etc. What it does is keep you in a state of fear and anxiety. If you are already suffering from health anxiety or anxiety in general, it can cause mental health issues in the long run. I have to admit in the beginning of the (known) outbreak. I got in a state of searching for answers. I kept looking online and watched the news checking for updates. It gets in your subconscious and creates a state of fight or flight. That started to worry me, and I stopped watching the news and reading online about it.

Your mind is your enemy when you are in a state of fear. I will keep myself informed about what is going only once a day. The rest of the time, I am working on my mental wellbeing. Meditation and listening to music that gives you a sense of freedom. (reiki music or meditation music will do well) Being sensible about the virus and how you can keep safe is all you have to do. There is no need for all the scaring and fear. Your mind matters just as much as the rest of your health. Stay safe and be mindful.

Namasté 🙏🏻


Mr.Mind Spirit breathing

Yes Finally the new meditation video is online. It is a bit different then the other video’s i made but i find these really useful for cleansing my body and spirit. It is a quite heavy meditation video and not something you should take light.

=!!!!!! SAFETY INFORMATION: !!!!! – Don’t take the method and techniques too lightly, they go deep, and the effects can have a considerable impact. – Don’t do this exercise in a swimming pool, the shower or driving any vehicle, without proper supervision. Always do this in a safe environment. – Keep in mind to do the exercises without forcing them, gradually build up and don’t exceed your limits. – Do not practice the method during pregnancy, being sick, or if you are epileptic. – Consult a registered doctor (GP) before starting any new health regimes such as these meditations.

Let me know what you think and if it worked for you. I love to get some feedback so i can work on getting better material out there for all to enjoy.

Namasté 🙏🏻 Mr.Mind


New meditation video

Yes i finally got a new meditation video online. It is a bit of an experiment still but I am fine tuning everything now to get something new and exciting out for everyone. I you all will enjoy this one and give me some feedback. Thank you and Namasté 🙏🏻



I am my own creation

I am my own creation
Born with energy and light
Fierce but friendly in every sight
Open to be firmly and loving really bright
Different but similar to everyone outside

I am my own creation
Learning to be bright
Insightful and honest full of light
Nothing is a never inside my guides
Unique and full of life to give more right

I am my own creation
Born from energy and light
Here I grow and learn what is right
We all are creations in our own light




Hip Times

It has been a while since I wrote something here. So I might tell something about me and why it has been a while. In July 2019, I broke my hip at my work and had to go into emergency surgery to get it fixed. Which meant I had to have screws in my femur to get the head bit back in place. The day after the surgery, I had to get back on my feet to get moving to make a recovery set in. Of course, as strong-willed as I am, I went downstairs to enjoy the sun and talk to my darling on the phone. It was a little bit too much for me right after the surgery. But I did it and got back exhausted and had to rest again. Three days later, I was ready to go back home to recover further. I had to have physiotherapy at home and lay on my bed in the living room. I have been taken care of by my Girlfriend and both my kids and family. Now, after seven months of hard-working to get back in shape and be mobile again, I am finally ready to go back to work for three days of four hours.

Breaking my hip gave me a good kick up my bum, to take more and better care of myself. I always was running and helping others while not paying attention to my health and exhaustion. It puts things in perspective for me — what is essential and what not. Luckily my motivation and my strong will keep me on the right path of taking care of me too. So now and then I need to put my focus on other things that matter and requires attention. That is why I haven’t been writing lately. But I am still here and alive.

Namasté 🙏🏻


Nature Meditation

I made this video specially for my mother in law to have relaxing images and sounds to relax on after a stressful day. But it is for everyone that needs a bit of stress relieve and wind down. I hope you all will enjoy this trip with me on the path of relaxation and meditation. We are worth it all the way trough.

We live in a society that is running around and have not much time to sit and have a few minutes for ourselves. One of the major reasons why i started to do meditations and writing about these subjects. We loose ourselves along the way, if we keep stressing and running. Take care of yourselves and others.

Mr Mind


Extend your view to grow

First, a question: Why are we scared of things we don’t know?

Most people will have a problem with the unknown because they don’t know what to expect. But does it serve a purpose to be scared of the unknown? No, it stops you from taking steps forward into the future you, and it will keep us from learning and growing. Being careful and keeping our focus on what might happen or might not happen makes us anxious and in a stressful state. I am not saying it is easy to change, but it is possible. Extend your view on how you think and see things. You can do this, and you are worth it.

We all have these moments where we start doubting our choices or fear the path we went on. What we need to do at these points is to ask ourselves the question if it is relevant.

Is it helpful to think like this? (thoughts can trigger feelings and emotions)

Does it serve me to feel scared about that? (fear is most of the time relevant because there is no life-threatening situation)

Do I feel stressed because I am in danger? (stress is an emotion that sets off adrenaline in your body, so your body is ready to run or fight)

So by asking these questions to ourselves when we feel like that, we can put our thoughts on halt. When we answer the questions with honesty, we see that we were not in real danger. It is more important then we think to reason with ourselves on a reasonable level. Breath deeply in and softly out a few times to get your heart rate down after the stress feeling. Remember these things, and it will be a lot easier to let go of stressful situations and fear. See how it will serve you.

You can do it; you are the architect of your own life. You can change it whenever you want and how you want it. We all have this ability in ourselves to create and change what we want. You are a beautiful soul with potential to grow above your levels of understanding. Extend your view to grow as a person, and spiritually, you are worth it.

Mr.Mind (Rob)


Relaxation music

What is better then music that relaxes you while looking and the beauty of Mother nature. Have a few minutes for yourself in these busy times. I hope you will enjoy this piece of relaxation and tranquility. Help helping is about supporting and guiding of those who need it, that is the reason why i started the meditation and relaxation video’s. These video’s are suitable for children from the age of 4. Enjoy and let yourself drift away in imagination.




Mr.Mind Meditation Channel

Yes, I finally got it running and with proper sound. I am well pleased with it. Hopefully, it will bring lots of people the relaxation and comfort they need. If you get a chance to have a look at it and let me know what could be better or what is missing, I will appreciate it. You can let me know in the comments here.


Mr.Mind (rob)


Amazing time laps video of nature growing

Mother nature is just amazing in all her beauty. We should be more aware of how we tread nature and Mother nature in every possible way. The only mother that wil provide for us even when we are old.

Let’s try to understand the rules of nature and the love we get from it. Be kind to animals and take care of the green that grows.




Mr.Mind Meditation YouTube channel

Photo by theformfitness on Pexels.com

Hopefully i will be able soon to make this channel full operational. I started working on a video but isn’t yet quite right. (making video’s is not my strongest skill). So please bare with me until it runs. for now i will post the video i made to see how it goes. Let me know in the comments what you think.




Inside Insight

When knowing becomes seeing
Visions became dreams
Understanding became respecting
The life we want to see
It starts within ourselves
Nothing comes from outside
We are so used to hide in our shells
But now we have insight inside
Love is the worldly health

Namasté Mr.Mind


Clear your energy meditation.

With this meditation music and the instructions below, you can clear the negative energy in your body and mind. It is a lovely way to destress and get energised again. Use headphones for a better result. ENJOY.

Special thanks to Meditate for this music video. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCst4vAu36SAkQJVQFFfFUxQ

Breath in 3 seconds slowly through your nose. Hold it for 6 seconds while listening to the sounds of the music. Then start breathing out slowly for 9 seconds till your lungs are empty. Hold it for 3 seconds. Repeat this cycle six times, after the last breath close your eyes and image a bright yellow light that slowly expands. Breathing slowly and deeply and gentle. Watch in your mind how the yellow glow shows you the warm and loving energy flowing through your body. When the music stops, you can slowly open your eyes and go to sleep or go on with your day.

Let me know below in the comments how this worked for you.

Mr.Mind (Rob)


2020 the year of the rise

We all have come across the meaning of numbers in our lives in one way or another. In the numerology, several calculations can be applied to the numbers.

The definition of number 2 is kindness, balance, tact, equalization, and duality. The number 2 reflects a quiet power of judgment and the necessity for planning. The spiritual meaning of number 2 also deals with exchanges established with others, connections, and communication. 2 urges us out of our indecision, asks us to unite with like-minded, and ideals. 2 requires us to use our natural flow of decision to do what is most profitable for our souls.

The definition of number 0 symbolizes the connection between all living things. Because 0 is an eternal symbol, Number 0 has been considered to be a symbol of eternity. This number attracts your attention to the spiritual world. You ought to seek out a “universal force” throughout this time. It is also the number that is the start of all that exists. Every living thing on this planet has a connection with the 0.

So what does it mean when the two and the 0 are connected? 20-20 gives me personal a positive vibe. If we look at the 2, it shows where we are going as humanity. Dividing will come to a stop and coming together as a whole is what I feel. 2020 is a cycle number that reveals the things we went through and how we will rise above the struggles. Don’t get me wrong. It will still be a rocky road, and we see some difficult things coming our way. But we are stronger and wiser than the past years. Significant changes we will see for sure. The number 0 tells us to rise above and grow spiritually and in love.

So 2020 will be the year that will let us all rise and become a more united humanity. Forgiveness and love will grow on the globe. We, as individuals, will have a big hand in all of this. Our personal growth will be a massive part of it. We can do this by practicing our mindfulness and meditations. I am ready for it, are you?



New Years Revolution

I have been thinking about this for a long time now. I feel bloody emotional at this moment because of all the things I have seen in the past decades. Trying to understand the place we are and where we go. We keep on falling for the same things and walk the same roads hoping it will change. Time to stop making new years resolutions but start a New Years Revolution. 2020 is the number of change and standing together in love and understanding. Raise our fists in the air and stop being divided by fear and lies. Our planet needs our love as well as we do. If we keep going as we do, it will be tough and even more challenging. I can assure you we are capable of changing things for the better for all of us. Raise the love inside and show the world a kind face instead of fear or anger. It starts with ourselves in the first place. Mediation is a tool to find your inner love and self-respect, use it and let your beaming smile touch the hearts of others around you and strangers you come across. Promise yourself this and promise me that you will be love and kindness for yourself.

I grew the last decades so much and seen the things I had to change to understand more about the way we live. We are running short on time now more than ever, but it is not too late to start the change within ourselves and show the true love and compassion to the world. Take the hands that reach out, talk to the man on the street that needs a ear. Be kindness, be love, be the real you. Remember your inner child that was so free and full of wonder. We can do this if we do this together even if we are a million miles apart.

I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Namasté wonderful people.

Mr.Mind (Rob)


Meet your spirit guide Hypnosis

Photo by Jonas Ferlin on Pexels.com

Interesting and helpful hypnosis for beginners. I tried this one myself and i have to say it is a wonderful tool to get comfortable with spirit guides. Give it a try and see what you find helpful and how it helped you. Enjoy the ride and say hi from me To your spirit guides when you meet them. (use your headphones while using this. don’t operate machinery or participate in traffic. do it in the safety of your own home )

Namasté (Mr.Mind)


Spark of Light

Send out the vibe that controls your love
Open your heart to get the energy flowing
Sending out the feelings is opening a door
Mind and body start to glow in overflow
The fire sparks and I am lit

Opening the door to the next realm of being
Here it starts to grow and grow till everything glows
Balancing thoughts until it silenced
State of mind and heart open and sharp
Sparks rise to light it all

The shadows dissolve, and the golden glow takes over
Raise the hands above the crown to feel the line
We are standing at the door to new and love
Worry and pain will go like the shadows in the light
We are the spark of light


Photo by Edgar Colomba on Pexels.com

My world Hurts

I breathe so profoundly full of strength it hurts
My eye’s shut close so hard it feels numb
I am inside today to pray the world into a new life
My tears burn on my cheeks while finding the path to the ground

Suffering for those who suffer
Crying for those who can’t cry
Feeling for those who can’t feel
believing for those who can’t believe

We share the energy we grow out of
Here it is the forever field of love
Step inside and grab my hand
Let me guide you to the other side of this
No longer will I allow suffering and pain

We grow and grow into the realm of new
Our chaos will stop and settle down
We will stand up and rise to love and feel
Trust in your energy that burns inside
We are all that we can be

My world hurts
Let’s end the pain and suffering
Please help me to help the ones that can’t see it
My world hurts so bad
Let’s crush the hate and fill it with love
My world hurts



Photo by Zac Frith on Pexels.com

Water is Life

I am posting this to support Lyla June with her fight for clean water and a cleaner planet. Please take the time to check her work and what she stands for. Much Love Mr.Mind

Lyla June protected water at Standing Rock. Now I’m defending my generation from the politicians who betray us. Learn why this election will tip the scales of human history. Donate today to change the world with us: http://bit.ly/electlyla 


Born with a heart

Photo by Akil Mazumder on Pexels.com

Don’t forget you are born with a heart
Remember you are never the end but always the start
Think of all the people that are living on the street
There must be some way to let hunger and homelessness retreat
I believe in you and believe in me as the new that can defeat
We must feel grounded with unity and life

Living is just a part of the path we go on
Nothing does not exist in the new world we create
We will become stronger and loving for all forever
mother earth will send her children to guard the street
Tomorrow is yesterdays future, so we made it

We can and will provide the light for all that can’t see

Photo by lalesh aldarwish on Pexels.com




Where are we going???

Where you are is not a place, It is a pathway to your true self. The things or people don’t define you; it is what you learn growing up. The world is at this moment in a state of transcending energy and is preparing itself for a new age. People all over the globe ask more and more questions about Humankind and mother earth. As you discover more around you, people say they are waking up. But what does that mean? It means that people are more conscious of what is going on and what they sense is right for this planet and everything living on it. The change that will happen is a massive change for all of humanity and mother earth. Unity of souls and in harmony with the universe. It starts from within ourselves. Humankind will go into a higher state of awareness. It will create a new level of feeling and understanding while we become united instead of divided. Everything will look different and more eminent than anything we knew before.

The amount of Awakening people is rising faster than ever before. It is so amazing to see this happening. It becomes more available for people to learn about spirituality and awakening through books, YouTube and the internet, (But be aware: not everything you read or see is legit.) Research understand what I always say. What I write is my findings and shouldn’t be taken as the only truth. Study and learn about it is the best way. There are many books in the bookstores that can explain and teach you in these subjects. Meditation and yoga schools rising everywhere because we are looking for inner peace. We leave tv and papers behind to ease the anxiety it installs. Every step we take on this journey is part of the evolution the planet is going through.

It is because we do not seem to be pleased where we are now in society and life. Emphatic feelings grow more for nature and fellow humans. I think this is incredible to see, and I am privileged to be able to be part of it. If you think about history and where we started as human beings, We evolved through time to where we are now. So it would be weird to think that we keep on going as it is. Like plants in the garden, they grow from a seed into a plant with flowers and leaves. But it doesn’t stop there, and it will keep moving because winter will make it drop its flowers and leaves. In spring, it comes back to the glory and beauty as it was before and grows more. When change needs to happen, it happens. So welcome the new era with pride and open arms full love and joy.

I am ready for it, Are you???

Rob (Mr.Mind)


Let’s create an energy storm

Photo by Killian Eon on Pexels.com

Let’s start at the beginning and see if I can make it clear for everyone. We all want a better and loving world without pain and hunger, so how could we make it happen? There are awareness and worldwide meditation groups that try to raise the energy to a higher level. We can raise our energy levels by meditation and focus on what we want. Science already proven that it is possible. With brain scans and monitoring, it showed that certain parts of the brain lid up, these parts normally wouldn’t be active. But when in a meditative state it will be.
But how does it create an energy storm? When I thought about it, it gave me an idea. What if we all meditate and use the law of attraction in a positive and non-selfish way. Aim it on how the universe could help the world and mother nature. By raising our awareness and love to all that lives and grows.

Take the ME bit out of the affirmation and make it a WE bit. It is just theoretically but if we can do it for ourselves we can do it for the rest of the world. Sharing is caring right, so why not give it a try when we go into meditation and raise the whole world to another level. If every person on this planet that knows meditation does this it will make a HUGE change in my opinion. Heal them to heal us.

As I said it might create an energy storm of positivity and love.

Rob (Mr.Mind)

Let me know what you think about this.


The Old man

Photo by Inactive. on Pexels.com
In the distance on a bench underneath an old oak tree
Sits a shadowy figure looking down to the ground
He is mumbling words I can not hear
I can now see the features of his wrinkly face
He must be around 90 years of age
The words he speaks I can now hear
About his life and all his fears
He is talking to his old friend the oak

Dear friend my lovely oak
I came for the last time to speak and show
We go back to a time far so far
Only memories are what we will be soon

The mans face shows deep wrinkles and grooves
Stories carved in his body by his life
I see tears coming down his cheeks to wash his eyes
The last bits of worries and thoughts drip in puddles on the grass
I see him sigh and his head falls to the side
The old Oak creeks and dropped his leaves
No longer will these two meet the old man gave his farewell
The body of the old man slowly disappears into nothing
I walk closer to the bench and sit on the spot
The old man that was me.

A story about the old and the new self. We all go trough stages and grow along the way, Old habits and believes die and become the past.



Motivational uplifting content

Depression is not a life sentence or the end of everything. It is a difficult state of mind that keeps you in a black hole for a while, but you will get out of it and look up at the sun and think: Damn, I made it, and I feel better and stronger. Depression is not something that is a made-up thing, or you can just think it away. It is as real as asthma or heart disease; it is a mental health issue that needs attention for the sake of you. Never ever let a temporary mental difficult state push you to a solution that will be final. Talk to people about it and never hideaway. Suicide is final and not the answer. You matter to lots of people even though you don’t see it at the moment. Step up and go outside for a walk in the sun. I am speaking to you from experience, and I just came out of a depressed state. You will grow and be stronger and better than you went into depression. You are love… you are more than you think you are.

Motivational, uplifting content.

So why give up while you know you will be stronger and wiser at the end of the grey cloud you are in now. It will pass like the night will turn in to the day. The most important thing you have to remember yourself is that you have to move and be active. Nature is an excellent way to relax and get your mind into a state of silence for a bit. Depression is not a joke, and I know. You will be on a hard road for a while, and it won’t ever be easy; life isn’t easy. Life is hard and unpredictable, so make yourself the best version of yourself and show yourself that you are more than capable of becoming stronger and better. You are the only one that can do it.

Namasté 🙏

Mr. Mind for Help-Helping

I am back to boost the positive vibes.

Sorry, it was silent for such a long time. A lot of things happened in between the last post and where I am now. But like everyone on this planet, we are all in this together. Struggles to get by day by day, lockdowns, changed laws, etc. But we are getting stronger in our views and minds while advancing in this mad world. I hope you all are doing well and are healthy and safe. I will be writing again to boost the positive boost and help others feel better in this ever-changing world.

Namamsté 🙏

Conquest of the mind

Close to the edge of your sanity, there is a path of joy
On the road to peace, there is a sign of love waiting
Did you dive into the lake of fear and doubt
Where is the guide to my mind
It doesn’t matter how fast I run or how much I hide
The thoughts that haunt you give you the fright

Battle gear is ready for the fight for the Conquest of the mind
Fully armoured and ready to stop hiding inside
Open up and face the darker waters that smother the light
We are not born to hide in fear or fright
Raise your arms to the sky and chant the words of love to the self
You are ready for the fight that kept you locked out from outside

From the time your eyes felt the light you were there to be right
It is time to open up inside and stand your ground to light up the night
You are on a conquest of the mind

When humanity is cold around you

Inside the rooms of our mind, we hide the troubles we didn’t leave behind
Sometimes we hear them screaming and knocking when we are too silent
We lay down on the floor to feel alive again
Do you remember the sounds of the laughter and the love
It lives inside us behind the closed doors we locked to hide
Love can never let you down when you swim for the shore

Strangers try to call the sanity back from the rooms of thoughts
Remember the dreams you have when you played in the fields
See the flowers grow to be free from the seed
It still lives inside you and me as long as we are willing to see
Remember that faith and hope are keys to set it free
We know the path is overgrown with the fearful weeds

The time has come to open doors and set everything free
Here it is the start of something we all can be
When humanity is cold around you, then use your keys

Namasté 🙏🏻 Mr. Mind

Here we are again

I slept in a bed of confusion and fear.
Nothing helpt to find dreams and love.
Once I woke up from this nightmare of disillusion I could see.
The sun inside of me.
Kneeling on the past to pressure the future to get up.
We are here again.

I sit in the room of thoughts and philosophy, staring out of my third eye.
How did we become so numb and silent
My eyes close while I sit on the floor, facing the silence to break it down.
The answers slight by in a train of pictures
It is time to put the anger down to unload the fear.
Once you can see, there is love on the horizon.

I am walking in the fields of my mind looking around the forest of the divide.
When we find the start, we can go to the end.
Raise Your arms to the sky and whisper to the universe that we are here.
Time after time we saw it go down never to rise up.
Here we are again to give it the last try to save it all.
My hands are full of seeds of love and respect to plant it in the new soil.

Take the step to walk up to the ladder of hope and faith.
Understanding we are all from the same dust and energy born to be.
Breathing deeply and full trust, we will arrive before time.
Opening up all possibilities to unfold the reality for all.
Here we are again.

Namasté 🙏🏻 Mr. Mind

‘Brees Media’ A breeze of fresh air


Brees Media is a company focused on helping you create great video content for your message. Former BBC and ITV journalist Anna Brees aim to empower individuals, communities and businesses to develop their content and tell their own stories.


Anna Brees believes in the enormous power of social media and citizen journalism to transform society for the next generation.

She devotes all of her time to teaching, investigative and charity work to help mobilise others to share their message via their smartphone devices.

She helps her students to produce professional output, guiding them on scriptwriting, shot sequences, pieces to camera and who, what and where to speak to, to create compelling, fair and balanced reporting.

Dedicated to investigative journalism that increases truth, transparency and accountability for those in power within the government and the mainstream media. 

(source: https://www.breesmedia.co.uk/ )

Mainstream Media is nowadays not as trusted as it was years ago; the reasons for people not believing them is for various reasons. Mainly because of the things that we see, hear or read are from a biased perspective. I grew up in a world where news and newspapers were the truth and telling what was going on in the world. If I look at the world, there no trust left, and many contradictions are going on. Journalists were people that investigated things to get the story above the table, not keeping it hidden or changing facts. Censure is the other thing that keeps getting the truth hidden from the people. Look at Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc., and they now became the censure tools who destroyed the freedom of speech and people asking questions will be blocked or banned. I included many times.

But there is a fresh breeze on the horizon that will change the view on media and the real purpose of journalism. The people will be part of this in lots of ways. The voice is where the hearts are and real feelings and emotions. I believe this is going to be a massive change for a lot of media outlets all over the world. It already had an enormous impact on Twitter and Youtube, where people posted their feelings about the Virus situation that is running the planet at the moment. You have to understand that she is doing out of a passion for truth and opinions from all sides. That is how you get a balanced story, and no one is left out. Please have a look at the website. She offers courses on how to be a journalist with your mobile. 

It is time for a change, and this time it will be progressive.

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Namasté 🙏🏻 Mr. Mind

The Silence is here

Once the time went on the silence just won
The fear that was the knife that cuts in emotions
Music builds up energy to flow on towards the higher me
Paths of joy start glowing under the sky of crystals
Slowly we climb up to the stars to reach the never-ending
Like the strings of the violin, it sings to my heart

We sleep on broken pillows and silent beds
So deep as I go the world doesn’t know the true me
I am awake in a slumber of time and muted by age
Mother Gaia cries for help and I hear the sobbing
Once is a never in this place of contradictions
Are we home in this grey and misty world

I see and hear when I close my eyes to understand the unseen
To all of us, it is just a path to the end of the beginning
But in between the numb feelings creep in
The silence is here again
The silence that I just ignore


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