‘Brees Media’ A breeze of fresh air


Brees Media is a company focused on helping you create great video content for your message. Former BBC and ITV journalist Anna Brees aim to empower individuals, communities and businesses to develop their content and tell their own stories.


Anna Brees believes in the enormous power of social media and citizen journalism to transform society for the next generation.

She devotes all of her time to teaching, investigative and charity work to help mobilise others to share their message via their smartphone devices.

She helps her students to produce professional output, guiding them on scriptwriting, shot sequences, pieces to camera and who, what and where to speak to, to create compelling, fair and balanced reporting.

Dedicated to investigative journalism that increases truth, transparency and accountability for those in power within the government and the mainstream media. 

(source: https://www.breesmedia.co.uk/ )

Mainstream Media is nowadays not as trusted as it was years ago; the reasons for people not believing them is for various reasons. Mainly because of the things that we see, hear or read are from a biased perspective. I grew up in a world where news and newspapers were the truth and telling what was going on in the world. If I look at the world, there no trust left, and many contradictions are going on. Journalists were people that investigated things to get the story above the table, not keeping it hidden or changing facts. Censure is the other thing that keeps getting the truth hidden from the people. Look at Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc., and they now became the censure tools who destroyed the freedom of speech and people asking questions will be blocked or banned. I included many times.

But there is a fresh breeze on the horizon that will change the view on media and the real purpose of journalism. The people will be part of this in lots of ways. The voice is where the hearts are and real feelings and emotions. I believe this is going to be a massive change for a lot of media outlets all over the world. It already had an enormous impact on Twitter and Youtube, where people posted their feelings about the Virus situation that is running the planet at the moment. You have to understand that she is doing out of a passion for truth and opinions from all sides. That is how you get a balanced story, and no one is left out. Please have a look at the website. She offers courses on how to be a journalist with your mobile. 

It is time for a change, and this time it will be progressive.

have a look at the Brees Media Youtube channel:


Namasté 🙏🏻 Mr. Mind

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