Inside your fear there is danger.

I would give some thoughts about the world these days and how we go through our days. With the COVID 19 virus going around the globe and the fear that is produced by media creates a dangerous path for the whole of humanity. Fear is a low energy that breaks down your immune system, which makes you more susceptible to this virus or any other illness. Why is this fear so much more damaging than the fears we usually feel? In my opinion, it is because we get overstimulated by the adverts, conversations and scare reports of newspapers and tv. Gathering information is fine as long as you shut down from the continuous stream of depressive news information, death numbers, infection numbers etc. What it does is keep you in a state of fear and anxiety. If you are already suffering from health anxiety or anxiety in general, it can cause mental health issues in the long run. I have to admit in the beginning of the (known) outbreak. I got in a state of searching for answers. I kept looking online and watched the news checking for updates. It gets in your subconscious and creates a state of fight or flight. That started to worry me, and I stopped watching the news and reading online about it.

Your mind is your enemy when you are in a state of fear. I will keep myself informed about what is going only once a day. The rest of the time, I am working on my mental wellbeing. Meditation and listening to music that gives you a sense of freedom. (reiki music or meditation music will do well) Being sensible about the virus and how you can keep safe is all you have to do. There is no need for all the scaring and fear. Your mind matters just as much as the rest of your health. Stay safe and be mindful.

Namasté 🙏🏻


I like to present to you the new Hypnotic meditation video I created for relaxing and getting your mind off the daily buzzing and running. Hopefully, this will be a more significant benefit for all to use and experience. These kinds of meditations work best while in a dark room looking at the screen and listening with headphones on. My goal is to bring more love and peace to everyone on this planet. For me, the meditations help a massive deal in being aware and grounded. Let me know if you get benefit out of these meditations and why?

Much love And Namasté 🙏🏻

🙏🏻 When love starts to rule all will be well. 🙏🏻

Mr.Mind Spirit breathing

Yes Finally the new meditation video is online. It is a bit different then the other video’s i made but i find these really useful for cleansing my body and spirit. It is a quite heavy meditation video and not something you should take light.

=!!!!!! SAFETY INFORMATION: !!!!! – Don’t take the method and techniques too lightly, they go deep, and the effects can have a considerable impact. – Don’t do this exercise in a swimming pool, the shower or driving any vehicle, without proper supervision. Always do this in a safe environment. – Keep in mind to do the exercises without forcing them, gradually build up and don’t exceed your limits. – Do not practice the method during pregnancy, being sick, or if you are epileptic. – Consult a registered doctor (GP) before starting any new health regimes such as these meditations.

Let me know what you think and if it worked for you. I love to get some feedback so i can work on getting better material out there for all to enjoy.

Namasté 🙏🏻 Mr.Mind

New meditation video

Yes i finally got a new meditation video online. It is a bit of an experiment still but I am fine tuning everything now to get something new and exciting out for everyone. I you all will enjoy this one and give me some feedback. Thank you and Namasté 🙏🏻


I am my own creation

I am my own creation
Born with energy and light
Fierce but friendly in every sight
Open to be firmly and loving really bright
Different but similar to everyone outside

I am my own creation
Learning to be bright
Insightful and honest full of light
Nothing is a never inside my guides
Unique and full of life to give more right

I am my own creation
Born from energy and light
Here I grow and learn what is right
We all are creations in our own light



Hip Times

It has been a while since I wrote something here. So I might tell something about me and why it has been a while. In July 2019, I broke my hip at my work and had to go into emergency surgery to get it fixed. Which meant I had to have screws in my femur to get the head bit back in place. The day after the surgery, I had to get back on my feet to get moving to make a recovery set in. Of course, as strong-willed as I am, I went downstairs to enjoy the sun and talk to my darling on the phone. It was a little bit too much for me right after the surgery. But I did it and got back exhausted and had to rest again. Three days later, I was ready to go back home to recover further. I had to have physiotherapy at home and lay on my bed in the living room. I have been taken care of by my Girlfriend and both my kids and family. Now, after seven months of hard-working to get back in shape and be mobile again, I am finally ready to go back to work for three days of four hours.

Breaking my hip gave me a good kick up my bum, to take more and better care of myself. I always was running and helping others while not paying attention to my health and exhaustion. It puts things in perspective for me — what is essential and what not. Luckily my motivation and my strong will keep me on the right path of taking care of me too. So now and then I need to put my focus on other things that matter and requires attention. That is why I haven’t been writing lately. But I am still here and alive.

Namasté 🙏🏻

Nature Meditation

I made this video specially for my mother in law to have relaxing images and sounds to relax on after a stressful day. But it is for everyone that needs a bit of stress relieve and wind down. I hope you all will enjoy this trip with me on the path of relaxation and meditation. We are worth it all the way trough.

We live in a society that is running around and have not much time to sit and have a few minutes for ourselves. One of the major reasons why i started to do meditations and writing about these subjects. We loose ourselves along the way, if we keep stressing and running. Take care of yourselves and others.

Mr Mind

Extend your view to grow

First, a question: Why are we scared of things we don’t know?

Most people will have a problem with the unknown because they don’t know what to expect. But does it serve a purpose to be scared of the unknown? No, it stops you from taking steps forward into the future you, and it will keep us from learning and growing. Being careful and keeping our focus on what might happen or might not happen makes us anxious and in a stressful state. I am not saying it is easy to change, but it is possible. Extend your view on how you think and see things. You can do this, and you are worth it.

We all have these moments where we start doubting our choices or fear the path we went on. What we need to do at these points is to ask ourselves the question if it is relevant.

Is it helpful to think like this? (thoughts can trigger feelings and emotions)

Does it serve me to feel scared about that? (fear is most of the time relevant because there is no life-threatening situation)

Do I feel stressed because I am in danger? (stress is an emotion that sets off adrenaline in your body, so your body is ready to run or fight)

So by asking these questions to ourselves when we feel like that, we can put our thoughts on halt. When we answer the questions with honesty, we see that we were not in real danger. It is more important then we think to reason with ourselves on a reasonable level. Breath deeply in and softly out a few times to get your heart rate down after the stress feeling. Remember these things, and it will be a lot easier to let go of stressful situations and fear. See how it will serve you.

You can do it; you are the architect of your own life. You can change it whenever you want and how you want it. We all have this ability in ourselves to create and change what we want. You are a beautiful soul with potential to grow above your levels of understanding. Extend your view to grow as a person, and spiritually, you are worth it.

Mr.Mind (Rob)

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