Spark of Light

Send out the vibe that controls your love
Open your heart to get the energy flowing
Sending out the feelings is opening a door
Mind and body start to glow in overflow
The fire sparks and I am lit

Opening the door to the next realm of being
Here it starts to grow and grow till everything glows
Balancing thoughts until it silenced
State of mind and heart open and sharp
Sparks rise to light it all

The shadows dissolve, and the golden glow takes over
Raise the hands above the crown to feel the line
We are standing at the door to new and love
Worry and pain will go like the shadows in the light
We are the spark of light


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My world Hurts

I breathe so profoundly full of strength it hurts
My eye’s shut close so hard it feels numb
I am inside today to pray the world into a new life
My tears burn on my cheeks while finding the path to the ground

Suffering for those who suffer
Crying for those who can’t cry
Feeling for those who can’t feel
believing for those who can’t believe

We share the energy we grow out of
Here it is the forever field of love
Step inside and grab my hand
Let me guide you to the other side of this
No longer will I allow suffering and pain

We grow and grow into the realm of new
Our chaos will stop and settle down
We will stand up and rise to love and feel
Trust in your energy that burns inside
We are all that we can be

My world hurts
Let’s end the pain and suffering
Please help me to help the ones that can’t see it
My world hurts so bad
Let’s crush the hate and fill it with love
My world hurts



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No Reason to Reason

No reason to reason with my thoughts
These are built and grown inside my own
I walk my road in silence with conversations
Sometimes I stand and wait to listen
No reason to reason I say and go on my way

No reason to reason with my thoughts
The thoughts try to put up a fight inside
Beating my confidence till it crumbles
Nothing will stay down for long in shambles
Building up from the ground strong
No reason to reason with fear

No reason to reason about emotions
The truth is inside me, and I have to feel
When I turn silent and let it all pass by in motion
Then I know I am real and alive
No reason to reason with all of it

Just breath and BE


Water is Life

I am posting this to support Lyla June with her fight for clean water and a cleaner planet. Please take the time to check her work and what she stands for. Much Love Mr.Mind

Lyla June protected water at Standing Rock. Now I’m defending my generation from the politicians who betray us. Learn why this election will tip the scales of human history. Donate today to change the world with us: 

The Cry Of Mother

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The ocean is singing the sorrow of the world in the night
When is the pain going to ease down and settle us
Is there more than the plaster we put on it with the lies
Mother forgive us for being selfish and not caring about
I stand and watch the fish die and wash ashore

My eyes run tears while my heart hurts
I will scream and fight until mother nature is save again
The growing of empathy in humanity is what I want to see
We are more than just the only ones here
Please stand with me and wave the waves of the sea
Save the air we breathe and the plants and trees that grow

Mother nature, please forgive them for they do not know
They will see soon enough that your pain is real and sadness you feel
I am on my knees to ask for forgiveness of all of humankind
Let us rebuild and clean to regain the strength once again
Mother, please understand we were careless and vain

Once we start to clear the sky and green the trees
Once we fill and clean your veins
Once we understand that we can live with you and your children
Once we say sorry for all we did
Once you see that we need you more then you me

Mother, I love you.

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The wonderful Angel

The Angel from the planet we walk upon
A seed that is spreading for the good of men
The dream we all dream but never seem to attent
Sharing her words and sounds to all of you to hear
Feel the messages she sends out so clear
Aurora is her name and love and heartfelt the game

Enjoy the voice of this Angel that sings to you



Born with a heart

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Don’t forget you are born with a heart
Remember you are never the end but always the start
Think of all the people that are living on the street
There must be some way to let hunger and homelessness retreat
I believe in you and believe in me as the new that can defeat
We must feel grounded with unity and life

Living is just a part of the path we go on
Nothing does not exist in the new world we create
We will become stronger and loving for all forever
mother earth will send her children to guard the street
Tomorrow is yesterdays future, so we made it

We can and will provide the light for all that can’t see

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Where are we going???

Where you are is not a place, It is a pathway to your true self. The things or people don’t define you; it is what you learn growing up. The world is at this moment in a state of transcending energy and is preparing itself for a new age. People all over the globe ask more and more questions about Humankind and mother earth. As you discover more around you, people say they are waking up. But what does that mean? It means that people are more conscious of what is going on and what they sense is right for this planet and everything living on it. The change that will happen is a massive change for all of humanity and mother earth. Unity of souls and in harmony with the universe. It starts from within ourselves. Humankind will go into a higher state of awareness. It will create a new level of feeling and understanding while we become united instead of divided. Everything will look different and more eminent than anything we knew before.

The amount of Awakening people is rising faster than ever before. It is so amazing to see this happening. It becomes more available for people to learn about spirituality and awakening through books, YouTube and the internet, (But be aware: not everything you read or see is legit.) Research understand what I always say. What I write is my findings and shouldn’t be taken as the only truth. Study and learn about it is the best way. There are many books in the bookstores that can explain and teach you in these subjects. Meditation and yoga schools rising everywhere because we are looking for inner peace. We leave tv and papers behind to ease the anxiety it installs. Every step we take on this journey is part of the evolution the planet is going through.

It is because we do not seem to be pleased where we are now in society and life. Emphatic feelings grow more for nature and fellow humans. I think this is incredible to see, and I am privileged to be able to be part of it. If you think about history and where we started as human beings, We evolved through time to where we are now. So it would be weird to think that we keep on going as it is. Like plants in the garden, they grow from a seed into a plant with flowers and leaves. But it doesn’t stop there, and it will keep moving because winter will make it drop its flowers and leaves. In spring, it comes back to the glory and beauty as it was before and grows more. When change needs to happen, it happens. So welcome the new era with pride and open arms full love and joy.

I am ready for it, Are you???

Rob (Mr.Mind)

Here is my brain

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Come on in and have a seat
You know why you are here
I just wanted to show you something
Here are some thoughts and ideas I wanted to share
My mind burns full energy and warmth

Sharing the inside outwards to change
Meditating in a state of silence to receive
I hand over what I have learned along the way
Inspire and teach while I learn to see
My brain is only a tool to grind and prove

Like the sun is giving the plants the energy to grow
I give to share not to keep
So take it with both hands and use the seeds
Free and full of love
Here is my brain for all of you to see.


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